Middle School Summer Reading Assignment

5th Grade List
6th Grade List
7th Grade List
8th Grade List

Project Details:
  • Choose a book from the list to read. After reading, you must complete the Reading Reflection Form on the book before moving on to the project. *The form is provided below.*
  • After completing the Reading Reflection Form, pick one of the projects below to do and later present to the class when school starts.
  • A copy of a rubric is attached so you can keep these elements in mind while working on the project. The project will be graded on your knowledge of the book, its story elements, and the reflection form as well as creativity and originality in presentation.

Project Ideas (please pick one):
  • Diary – Write a one week diary as if you are the main character of the book. You may pick a particular scene(s) or chapter(s) to base your diary on. In your entries you must provide a picture/illustration relating to each specific entry. Keep in mind to include your feelings about what is happening to you or what is happening around you in your written portion. Please provide an illustration or picture as a cover for your diary. *Each entry should be at least one paragraph in length. (One paragraph = 5-8 complete sentences.)
  • Comic Book – Create a comic book based on your book. Each page should be set up in a comic book format with illustrations and dialog. Your comic book should retell the main ideas of the story including all the required information. The comic book should be 8 pages minimum, including the title page.
  • Five Artifacts – Find five objects that are important to the story. Create an artifact for each of those things. The artifacts should help you retell the main idea(s) of the story. For example, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you could create a gold foil-wrapped candy bar, or a small stuffed Oompa Loompa. *Make sure to explain in one paragraph what each artifact means. One paragraph = 5-8 complete sentences)
  • Power Book - Create a PowerPoint presentation on your book. Pick a minimum of eight chapters that are significant to main idea(s) of your book. On each slide include an illustration for each chapter, along with a 3-5 sentence summary of that chapter. Make sure that the chapters you pick can summarize the story as best as possible. *Try not to give the ending away.
  • Book Mobile - Create a mobile to advertise your book. Your mobile should include the following items:
i. Title and author of the book (a picture of the author would be nice if you can find one).
ii. Pictures and paragraph description(s) of the main character(s)
iii. Pictures and paragraph description(s) of the settings(s)
iv.Pictures and paragraph description (s) of the problem(s) and resolution (s) that occur in the book
v.Anything else you find appropriate
Use magazines, newspapers, Internet sites, clip art, etc. for pictures. The pictures do no have to be "the" pictures of the items listed above. Use your imagination and creativity. How do the characters and setting look in your imagination?
Construction of your mobile should follow these guidelines:
  1. The mobile can be constructed on a hanger (but will get more points if you don't use a hanger). Instead wood, paint stir sticks, rulers, or an item that represents something significant in your book (ex. golf club for a book about Tiger Woods) will work much better.
  2. The items listed above under "a" should be in color and the explanations must be typed. Please place them on sturdy paper or cardboard. A minimum of five quality sentences is expected for each explanation (see classroom examples).
  3. The pictures and explanations should be hanging neatly and in an organized fashion from yarn or string. Please don't make your mobile too large, long, or heavy that it cannot be suspended from the ceiling. Be sure that your mobile will be able to hang from the ceiling clips in the classroom.

Reading Reflection Document Downloadable Below
Remember the definitions for these terms:
Rising action - During the rising action, the conflict becomes more intense and suspense builds as the main characters struggle to resolve their problems.
Climax - The climax is the turning point in the plot when the outcome of the conflict becomes clear, usually resulting in a change in the characters or as solution to the conflict.
Falling action - The falling actions shows the effects of the climax. As the falling action begins, the suspense is over but the results of the decision or action that caused the climax are not yet fully worked out.

Summer Reading Project Rubric

Best use of Time/Best Effort
Project shows much effort and was completed on time
Project shows a good deal of effort and was completed on time
Project shows little effort and/or was not completed on time
Project shows no effort and was not completed on time
Thought and Creativity
Project shows much thought and creativity
Project shows a good deal of thought and creativity
Project shows little thought and creativity
Project shows no thought or creativity
Writing Conventions - Grammar, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spelling, Paragraphing
Punctuation is correct, spelling is accurate, and there are no major errors in grammar. Paragraphs, if used, start and stop at the correct places.
There are some errors in writing conventions - a few punctuation, spelling and grammar errors, but not enough to cause difficulty in reading and understanding the text. Paragraphs, if used, may or may not start and stop at the correct places.
Several punctuation, spelling and grammar errors that stand out in the writing. Most paragraphs, if used, do not begin or end in the correct places.
Shows very little understanding of correct punctuation; spelling and grammar errors are very common and stand out. Paragraphs, if used, do not come at the correct place
The complete work, ideas, and details are presented in a neat and organized manner so that the thoughts are easy to follow.
The complete work, ideas, and details are presented in a fairly neat and organized manner. Thoughts and direction are fairly easy to recognize.
The complete work, ideas, and details need more focus in order to be considered neat and organized. Some details seem out of place, or too much extra, unneeded information has been added.
The complete work, ideas, and details seem tossed together, and the project theme is hard to follow.
Appropriate Project/Content
The student carefully selected the project to fit well with the book. It got the message across and the connection was made well with this choice.
The student did well in selecting the project type. It fits fairly well with the book. It got the message of the book across and the connection was fairly well made.
The student struggled to get the message of the book across with this particular choice of project. The connection is extremely vague.
The student chose a project that did not get the message of the book across, and connections with the book were not made with this type of project.
The thought behind the project is extremely original and presented well.
The thought behind the project is fairly original and presented well.
The thought behind the project is not original and has been done before in previous class presentations. The project was presented satisfactorily, but more attention to this area is needed.
The project is not at all original. There was no attempt to make the project stand out, and it was not presented to the audience very well.

You need to print out the Reading Reflection sheet below to complete project: